OMNI Anesthesia Associates, Inc.

Omni Anesthesia

About Us

Highly Skilled

Our anesthesia providers are adept at all facets of anesthesia care. We especially excel at critical care medicine and trauma. We handle many complex neurosurgical procedures, including vascular procedures and tumor removals, sometimes utilizing awake techniques for more selective resections. We have set up successful, high volume regional block programs utilizing ultrasound that have led to increased patient and surgeon satisfaction and shorter length of stays. We have anesthesia providers that adeptly handle obstetric and neonatal procedures.

Customer Service

OMNI recruits and develops uniquely qualified anesthesia providers. Our MD's and CRNA's are not only highly skilled clinically, but also possess exceptional interpersonal skills. Continual quality assurance measurement and improvement is a passion. We actively participate and lead in medical staff quality assurance programs, measuring meaningful clinical indicators that lead to better practices and outcomes. We also conduct annual surgeon satisfaction surveys to better understand and address individual needs. We instill a culture of collaboration, creativity and accountability.

Cost Efficient

OMNI works closely with hospitals and surgery centers to optimize the right mix of MD's and CRNA's to provide exceptional care while keeping costs down. We are involved with our hospitals' and surgery centers' budget process, identifying areas for revenue enhancement and cost containment.

Leadership Excellent

A top notch anesthesia department is an important ingredient for any successful surgical program. OMNI's experienced management team has over 50 years of combined leadership experience, and will provide the backbone to make your anesthesia department a stable entity satisfying your surgeons, staff and patients. We work closely with administration, partnering to help develop new service lines to attract new and unique business. We are actively involved in medical staff affairs to ensure meaningful and collegial relationships.